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Old Rose Boxed Set Cup and Plate

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Old Rose Boxed Set Cup and Plate
Part Number: A1ACP2-22

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This duo is a substantial gift for any lover of Irish tradition: hand painted spongeware cup and saucer in a ready-to-go beautiful box.  The story on the back says it all, and the front allows buyers to see and feel the real thing!  Strong enough to keep its shape during travel or gift wrap extravaganzas, this boxed set is guaranteed to intrigue and amaze.  It also encloses a totally useful cup and saucer, which is made well enough to last a good long while.

The Old Rose Pattern is a classic yet striking floral composition. The eye-catching red blooms are further emphasized by their frame of delicate leaves and the intricate blue trim.

Small Mug: 7cm h (2.7" h)
                      0.175l v (0.37pt v)

Tiny Plate: 13cm dia (5.1" dia)

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