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Palm Court Tea 4 oz Tin

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Center court for New York's tea world is the newly re-launched Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel. Palm Court, a classic blend of four teas Keemun, Assam, Ceylon & Formosa Oolong is the beverage of choice in that impressively grand setting. Prepare and enjoy a cup at home, and imagine yourself relaxing in that splendid palace on Fifth Avenue. 4oz


This was one of John Harney's first tea blends. He kept it simple and that is the reason for its success. The steady flavors of the three teas are superbly contrasted with muted peach notes of the Formosa Oolong.

Dry Leaves

Mostly black and dark brown leaves with a few small golden leaves.


A medium-brown with a slight reddish hue.


The toasty peach notes waft over the muted malt and citrus aromas.

Caffeine Level



This is a medium bodied tea. The full bodied teas of Keemun, Assam, and Ceylon are lightened by the Formosa Oolong.


This tea has delivered lovely clear flavors over the decades. The lightly toasted peach flavor combinations are what makes this tea special.


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