Perfect Gift Choices for Coworkers

Posted by Ann Marie on 11/29/2013 to News

There will be times when you want to get a gift for a coworker, such as for a birthday, after a special announcement like a marriage or a pregnancy or when a coworker is awarded or promoted. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift, especially when you do not know a lot about your coworker. There are some gift options that are relatively neutral and will work for just about anyone.


A nice vase or bowl for your coworker's desk is always a good option. Find a pattern or decorative design that is classic and neutral so that it will be appreciated by anyone. If you choose a bowl, maybe get a little candy to add to it for a bit more thoughtfulness.


Coffee is something that just about everyone enjoys and you surely notice your coworkers sipping on this caffeinated liquid throughout the day. You can find coffee gift baskets or gourmet coffee sets at many retailers throughout the country. If you know your coworker is not a coffee drinker, consider a gift that involves tea instead.

Flowers or a Plant

A small flower arrangement or a plant for your coworker's desk is a solid gift option. When you are choosing flower arrangements, go for a friendlier flower like daisies or an orchid. When it comes to plants, just keep it small and something that is easy to care for like a fern or a cactus.


This is an almost cliché gift, but paperweights are always handy and they come in just about every shape and color imaginable. For example, if you notice that your coworker is into a certain animal, just grab a paperweight that is in the shape of this animal and he or she is sure to appreciate it.  

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