Preparing and Enjoying Coffee- What’s the Best Approach?

Posted by Ann Marie on 2/1/2015 to Inspirations
A hot cup of freshly-made cappuccino often serves as the choice drink for individuals who are fresh from sleep, who wants to shake-off the call of bed. For busy office workers, a hot coffee latte serves as a ‘wake-up call’ and energy boost for the next few hours’ worth of work. Or it can also serve as the best partner for a cup of rich chocolate cake, a combination considered by many as one of the best combination in culinary world. Coffee is universal and appeals to different individuals, thus it’s expected that there are differences on how these are prepared and enjoyed. And if you love your cup of coffee every morning, it’s best to know the different coffee preparations available. 

Instant coffee- While cappuccino and other decadent preparations of coffee add a layer of flavor and excitement to coffee-drinking experience, the basic instant coffee is often convenient and fun. Instant coffee provides a quick morning or early afternoon fix to someone who wants energy at the first sip. With instant coffee, there’s no need to wait for minutes and pass through the usual rituals of right boiling temperature, adding a slosh of milk or adding a few shaves of chocolate. With your preferred instant coffee mix and reliable coffee mug, you can instantly enjoy a private moment with coffee that can prepare you for an active day ahead. 

Coffee latte- A combination of coffee and milk can’t go wrong for many coffee drinkers and enthusiasts. Coffee latte is often home-prepared, and served during breakfast. Preparing a great cup of latte requires understanding of the basic rules and tools you need. For purist, even the size of cup matters in preparing coffee latte. A 5 or 6 oz porcelain cup is a great choice to create a satisfying balance between espresso and milk. The espresso is another critical part of the mixture, a base not just for latte but other coffee-based drinks. Espresso is thicker and with higher concentration of flavor. A variation of this preparation is iced latte, using chilled milk that’s added over crushed ice. 

Cappuccino- If there’s one memorable element about the cappuccino; it’s the floating foam on top. The foamed milk that’s added on top of the drink helps a unique character and coffee-drinking experience. For coffee lovers who value the rituals that come with coffee preparation, the milky foam serves as a platform for creative artistry. Coffee enthusiasts and local baristas often include artistic drawings on the foam, from a leaf to corporate logos. 

Caffe Americano- According to a popular belief, the Americano was prepared during World War II when the American soldiers that were stationed in Italy started diluting espresso with hot water to capture the taste that they are accustomed to. This is now a favored coffee preparation for many, especially if the brewed espresso was sourced from stronger coffee beans. 

There are a variety of ways of preparing and enjoying your daily coffee fix, and choosing which brew to prepare can be confusing. But when it comes to a satisfying coffee experience, it pays to shop for quality coffee blends and beans. It can help too if you can invest in premium coffee equipment and accessories from Ann Marie including a coffee grinder and mugs that can improve the coffee-drinking experience.

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