Proper Use of a French Press When Brewing Tea

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/6/2013 to Recipes
For coffee lovers, the aromatic pleasantness and delicious outcome of brewing coffee in a French press is a special way of greeting the day or pausing for a moment of reflection. You can also brew tea in a French press. To make the best tea, follow a few tea brewing essential tips.

If you have been using your French press to brew coffee, clean it thoroughly to prevent leftover coffee residue from tainting the taste of the tea. Rather than using tea bags, choose your favorite tea in a loose-leaf variety, the type normally used in tea balls or infusers. Place about one tablespoon of tea per cup in the bottom of the French press. Prepare the water by heating it to a high simmer, just before the boiling point. You can use tap water, but, depending on the chemicals in your local water, it could impact the delicate tea flavor. You might want to consider bottled water instead.

Carefully pour the heated water into the pot. Place the lid on the pot, but do not depress the plunger. Allow the tea to sit and steep for two to three minutes, then depress the plunger. Pour the tea in a pretty tea cup or mug, savor the aroma and sip. Any tea left in the pot continues to steep and become stronger, so it is best to only brew the amount you intend to use immediately. 

A French press is a versatile addition to any kitchen and makes a fabulous gift for coffee and tea drinkers alike. Keep a selection of black, green, white and blended teas on hand to enjoy yourself and share with special company. A cup of tea brings an aromatic and delightful experience to every day.

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