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Rejuvinate Stoneware Elf Mug

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Rejuvinate Stoneware Elf Mug
Part Number: V051-A110

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Morning coffee or tea is the one thing that we like to drink the first thing after we get up every day. With this Polish pottery stoneware Elf mug, make this morning beverage experience a colourful and bright affair that lifts your mood. This stylish mug can be served to the guests with various beverage and is surely going to impress them. The stoneware features an appealing Rejuvenate floral design with big and small flower motifs, looking beautiful against the white base of the mug and surrounded with vibrant little orange and blue flowers that add to its beauty.

 Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe

Stoneware must be room temperature prior to use in a microwave or hot oven

Avoid drastic temperature swings
Free of Lead and Cadmium

Polish Stoneware is not intended for stove top use

To insure longevity of your stoneware, it is recommended not to put the piece too close to the heat source such as the broiler or bottom of the oven.

The history of manufacturing pottery in Boleslawiec goes back to the 14th century when, a layer of ceramic clay was uncovered in the vicinity of Boleslawiec beginning the folk art in the German province of Silesia now known as Boleslawiec Poland.Today, artists continue this folk art using natural sea sponge to apply the lead-free paint to their creations.  New colors, as well as variations of the traditional blue, green and sienna, have been added to the artisans color palette.  Skill levels range from Beginning Artisans who paint Classic designs such as the famous "Eye of the Peacock" to Apprentice Artisans who paint modern and contemporary designs as they strive to become Master Artisans.

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