Saba Sweet Aged Balsamic, 16.9 Ounces

Saba Sweet Aged Balsamic, 16.9 Ounces

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16.9 ounce 500 ml

About Saba:  The SABA process is simple. The grapes are harvested and then cooked down to a must  (thick almost syrupy liquid) in copper cauldrons.  It is then barreled, and here in lies the real secrets of the closely guarded family recipes. It is the type of wood, the aging and transferring of vinegar from barrel to barrel that makes the difference between balsamic vinegars. Only certain woods like oak, cherry, chestnut, mulberry, acacia, juniper, and ash are used for the barrels. in the beginning there is a mother sauce from which all aged balsamic vinegar begin. A barrel is never completely emptied. There is always a percentage that is left in the original barrel as new balsamic is added to continue the aging process for the newly added younger balsamic vinegar. Each barrel has a hole to allow for evaporation and for air so that time, change in weather, heat, and cold of the season can work its miracle in the aging and acidification process (the mellowing of the sharp acidic taste). On average the balsamic stays in each barrel for at least a year although that may be part of each families secret recipe. Some balsamic vinegar may remain in some barrels a little longer in the later years to produce heavier notes of certain wooden barrels.

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