Selecting Delightful European Teas and Coffees

Posted by Jeff Stevens on 10/19/2013 to European Gifts
If you are a coffee or tea aficionado, try switching out your regular brew for a European blend. Europe has a long history of blending and preparing both coffee and tea, and a simple switch to a light European coffee or an authentic British tea provides a delightful experience. Instead of letting your daily cup get stuck in a rut, experiment with a few European-inspired coffee and tea drinks.

If you like to start your morning with a smooth, balanced cup of coffee, try a French roast that originates in France. If you prefer your coffee a little bolder, there are numerous European dark roasts available. Remember that the lighter the roast, the more caffeine the coffee contains.

If you prefer a nice cup of tea, add a bit of an English country garden to your cup by sipping on an Earl Grey with lavender tea blend. If you like sweet flavors, try Earl Grey de la creme, which includes vanilla in its blend along with the traditional bergamot. A good Earl Grey does not need any milk or sugar to perfect the taste. 

English breakfast teas also provide a unique European experience and a warm, welcoming start to your day. For a good afternoon blend, try The Queen's Guard; this tea is meant to be served with milk and sugar and works well alongside a few small shortbread cookies or biscuits. If you prefer herbal teas, there are numerous floral and spice-flavored combinations available.

Instead of grabbing your usual coffee or tea, try a European blend. Look for blends actually produced in Europe, rather than American imitators. Read the guidelines for milk and sugar consumption; some teas are designed to be sipped with milk, while others lose their flavor if milk and sugar are added. Enjoy a new morning experience or afternoon ritual with a European coffee or tea.

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