Set a Memorable Dining Ambiance through Stylish Glassware for Everyday Dining

Posted by Ann Marie on 2/18/2015 to Inspirations
Everyday dining and entertaining at home provides a cost-effective way to host friends and family members. By doing it at home, you can save time, prepare healthy food options and avoid the restaurant’s reservation system that tells you when to eat lunch, not the other way around. But hosting dinner parties and even pulling off everyday dining can be a problem if you are not backed by appropriate utensils and glassware that can be used by guests. Aside from great food and china, quality glassware is also a requirement when it comes to pulling off a memorable dinner for family and guests. 

Select from popular glassware collections 

The choice of glassware and how the table is set can contribute to the ambiance of everyday dining or an elaborate dinner for friends and guests. And if creatively planned and selected, the choice of glassware can complement or even rival the food served at the table. Basic glassware for your home should always include water glasses and wine glasses. Other glasses that can be added into collection include juice glasses, tea cups, drink pitches, beer glasses and coffee mugs. If details matter and you are planning to host an intimate dinner for a celebration, consider investing in a complete collection of glassware. Simply select a collection or a manufacturer, and it comes complete with all the basic glassware components that you’ll need to pull off an amazing dinner, and all glass components carry the same style and details. A great example is Bridgewater Glass carried by Ann Marie, an interesting and stylish collection of hand-blown glass that features her words. Expertly made in Poland and finished in England, this collection offers options on different types of glasses you can introduce into the dining table including flute set, goblet, glass tumbler and cake stand, all tied in one styling element. 

Stick to clear glasses 

While you have the fascination for colors blue and red, don’t let these colors spoil your shopping for glassware. Stick with clear glasses for all your glassware requirements especially for wineglasses and glass for your bar. Colored glasses may disguise the color of the wine or drink. Instead of focusing on colors, shop based on shape and glassware with ‘stylish stem’. 

Glassware is a critical requirement when it comes to planning everyday dining and entertaining. While food and drinks serve as the anchor of the event, carefully-chosen glassware can complement the food and help create a memorable ambiance.

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