Simon Says ... Pure Elegance

Posted by Ann Marie on 8/12/2014

In general, the Irish are known for great pottery work and glassware. Some of the very best artisans in the world learned their craft in Ireland, and especially in County Kilkenny.

And America is known for the entrepreneurial spirit, for freedom to pursue dreams and providing a market that is (relatively) free from obstruction so that entrepreneurs can make a profit and create jobs.

Put those two together and you have Simon Pearce.

Simon, an Irish-American, has been making glassware for more than 30 years from his Vermont site, and his glassware has gained international attention for its style and elegance. That attention is such that some of his work has been featured in "swag bags" given to celebrities at the annual Academy Awards show.

If that doesn't get you noticed, not sure what will.

Anyway, I am so completely proud and humbled to be offering some of Simon Pearce's glassware work here on my website and also in my retail stores. It is, in my mind, the height of American and European influences in glassware that cannot be matched anywhere on this continent. You own it to yourself to at least check out Simon Pearce's work here and let me know if you have any questions. I love Simon Pearce and I am happy to talk about him and his brilliant pieces!

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