Sleepy Wakey Bambi Dot Mega

Sleepy Wakey Bambi Dot Mega

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Cuddle up to Mailegs adorable, hug-able, Mega sized Sleepy Wakey Bambi! Bambi's super soft body and long limbs make it easy for any baby or toddler to play with. On one side Bambi is asleep and on the other side Bambi is awake! Polyester filling with cotton body. 

 35 inches long 

Started in Denmark, Dorthe Mailil and her husband Eric established Maileg in 1999. Mailegs’ dream was to develop a brand of whimsical toys to capture the hearts of children around the world. Sustainability is very important at Maileg, and they use the best materials possible including organic cottons, non-toxic and lead free paint, and re-usable wood.

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