Tea: The World’s Second Most Popular Beverage

Posted by Ann Marie on 1/17/2014 to European Gifts
Tea is second only to water as the most widely consumed drink in the world. Drinking a cup can be very soothing, and there are a number of health benefits that have been linked to tea. 

China the likely birthplace of tea as its consumption has been documented there for centuries. The British were exposed to tea in China and brought it back home. The British took it to India in an effort to compete with the Chinese monopoly on the product. The climate in India was very conducive to the cultivation of tea plants. Today, China and India are the world’s top two tea producing countries. As popularity of the drink has spread, more and more varieties have become available.

Tea Culture

Drinking tea is a part of many world cultures:

The Chinese and Japanese have elaborate tea ceremonies.
The drink is an important aspect of many social gatherings in the Middle East.
The Queen of England is widely believed to have tea in the afternoon.
Many American girls like to pretend to have tea parties.

A Tea for Everyone

There is a tea to please everyone. Whether you are looking for something spicy, sweet, relaxing, or are in need of a jolt of caffeine, there is a variety to meet your needs. Some of the most popular types are black, green, oolong and chai. 

Black Tea - This is widely consumed. It was even served at a State Dinner at the White House in January of 2011 when China’s President Hu Jintao came to town. 

Green Tea - The medicinal properties of green tea have long been touted. It is minimally processed and rich in anti-oxidants. 

Oolong Tea - Researchers believe that green tea may help prevent cell damage and diseases such as cancer. Due to its caffeine content, it may even help to improve mental alertness. Oolong is a favorite in many Chinese restaurants. 

Chai Tea - In some languages, chai is the word for tea. It is made by brewing black tea and mixing it with other spices that may include cardamom and ginger.

The next time you reach for a drink, try this delightful, popular beverage. 

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