1. Tea Towel Potager Anemone

Tea Towel Potager Anemone

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22" x 30"

Best towel in the world - dries like none other and they last and last!  Meant to be used even thought they are so beautiful!

Celebrating the spring garden with a graphic design of cabbage, peas, radishes, tomato and a butterfly.This ha a  lush lavender pink hue with a bottom border of grey-blue motif in spring flowers, separated with a thin orange stripe with three-leaf clovers in silhouette. 

Garnier-Thiebaut's damask cotton fabrics are made in France, using 100% two-ply twisted cotton, mercerized for long life and durability of the product. The designs are created by our team of designers to follow the home fashion trends. Some designs are also available in custom sizes.

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