The Advantages of Fair Trade Organic Coffees

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/10/2013 to News
Not all coffee varieties are created equally. For the best-tasting coffee that impacts the environment the least, choose fair trade, organic coffees. There are flavors and options for every taste palette, so purchase a coffee that you enjoy. While their price is higher than that of regular, generic coffees, the advantages these coffees present are well-worth the extra cost. 

When you choose to make fair trade purchases, you help the producers have a better lifestyle. With fair trade coffee, the farmers are paid fair prices for their beans, which allows them to continue to operate their farms. In addition, the farmers are given access to credit, which they otherwise are without. This credit allows them to expand their farms, upgrade their technology and equipment and produce better products overall.

While buying fair trade is important, it is also vital to look for organic coffee products. When you purchase organic coffee, you support a safe method of farming without the use of pesticides. This is good for you, as it prevents you from taking in these chemicals. It is also beneficial for the environment because when farmers use pesticides, these chemicals run off into the groundwater, resulting in polluted water sources for both the plants and the animals in the area. 

When looking to make a coffee purchase, always purchase fair trade, organic coffee when possible. To take your green efforts a step further, look for only shade-grown beans. These beans are grown underneath existing trees and negate the need for farming-related deforestation. Not only does this save the trees in coffee-growing areas, it also prevents migrating songbirds from losing their homes during the North American winter months.

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