The Art of Gift Giving

Posted by Ann Marie on 7/15/2014 to European Gifts

Giving a gift is probably one of the most stressful things that anyone can undertake. You find out very quickly if you are good at this sort of thing or not by the reactions of your past receivers of said gifts. If it's been a rough go, it could be because you are not very good at giving a gift.

It's okay to not be good at this sort of thing as long as you are able to acknowledge the fact that you really do suck at it. Once you've embraced this notion you will be able to learn how to locate and find the perfect gift. Here are some tips for you to follow when you are looking around.


This is important because the importance of the person dictates how much you should spend on them. If this is an acquaintance then you should probably do is something small or inexpensive; but if it's a significant other or a family member, you should probably look at something that is nice, not simply expensive. The closer people are to you, the more they just appreciate the thought than the item... unless it is really cool!


Some people really like tacky stuff and some people really love the finer things in life. You have to know that persons taste in order to buy them an item they will probably enjoy. The knowledge of an individual can make or break our gift choice, but you have to know who that person is in order to get the item they really want.

Accepting Failure

Know that your gift may not go over well, no matter what it is or who you are buying it for, and be comfortable with this possible fate. Once you have accepted this, you can move forward in your gift giving progress, and include a gift receipt with your card.

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