The Holiday Shopping

Posted by Ann Marie on 11/16/2011 to Inspirations
Since the holidays are soon to arrive,  I have a simple helpful buying tip that I have learned over the years.  Choose stores that make buying fun, not a burden.   At Ann Marie's, our sales staff knows what things are our best sellers and they can help you and make your holiday shopping easy.  Use them.    Choose stores like Ann Marie's that are famous for there customer service or online sites that have a live chat...that is always helpful.  Pick the brain of the people that work in the stores.  Especially if it is a technical question on computers or electronics or selecting a piece of jewelry...that can be VERY technical and scary.     Also, love the sampling especially in bath and body shops, gourmet shops.  You know what you are getting.   My favorite shopping stores are those that love their customers.  Also, small niche stores are great because you can walk in and you don't have to hunt for a sales person...they are directly available to you.  My picks for the bigger stores are Williams Sonoma, The Body Shop as a couple off the top of my head.  I have to select Ann Marie's as one of my favorite small...but of course, I have a slight bias. ...Ann Marie



jan garry
Date: 11/21/2011 10:08:35 AM
And you forgot to mention that your wrappings are over the top! They make the most beautiful gifts.

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