Top Trends in Wedding Gifts

Posted by Ann Marie on 1/21/2014 to European Gifts
Buying wedding gifts can be challenging because you want to find something that fits both the bride and the groom. Some gifts will work for just about any wedding and will be appreciated by all types of couples. These are easy to find and will be easy to package up and bring to the wedding.


Cash is always a good thing and will always needed by newlyweds. You can put this into a nice card and put a bow on it. Any amount will be appreciated and this money can be used to buy the items that they need for their new life.


Pottery is elegant and something that can be collected and it can easily be worked into any interior design scheme. Custom made pottery is unique and is something that a new couple can use to start a collection and add something that brings an air of love to their home.

Handmade Quilts

Handmade quilts will serve as something that will remind the couple of their wedding day. These can be used to decorate a chair or a bed or used to cover up on a chilly evening while watching movies and enjoying a cozy fire.


New couples are often adventurous and they will probably do some traveling after they are married in addition to their honeymoon. A nice set of luggage can help the couple in being able to travel in style and they may even be able to use it for their honeymoon.

Gift Cards

If you are having trouble thinking of a good gift idea, gift cards are always a good option. Choose some that will benefit the couple, such as gift cards to home goods stores or grocery stores so that they can get started out with their new home.  

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