What's In A Name?

Posted by Ann Marie on 7/17/2014 to Inspirations
When we go to the coffee shop and order a cup of coffee we find ourselves with a choice. Light or Dark? This simplistic choice is really a sad thing to hear, since the differences between those two grades is rather significant. Some coffee shops will say medium or dark roast, which is better, but they are still missing a third category, and that is light. Here are some of the differences between these three categories! 

Light coffee can be very similar to tea in its look and consistency. It usually has a richer aroma and more complex palette to swirl around your mouth. This is usually the grade with the highest amount of caffeine because the more you roast the coffee beans, the more caffeine you lose. If you want a shot to the brain, get a coffee that is lighter and you will wake up instantly. It is also the most acidic at times since there isn't much between you and the coffee bean that was used to make it.

This is the roast that many people prefer as it has enough of a roast to dull the acidity of the lighter coffees while offering the highest amount of caffeine you can get. These tend to have the most flavors attached to them as well since the roasting process isn't as strong and therefore it will not over power the flavoring that is being added to the roast. 

Ah, yes, the black pit of your soul! Dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine, counter to popular belief, because the beans lose a lot of their caffeine in the roasting process. These coffees often have a great amount of oil in them, which make them very smooth to drink. 

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