Why You Need an Ann Marie's Fine European Gift Concierge

Posted by Ann Marie's on 10/19/2014 to Inspirations
A personal Ann Marie's fine gift concierge can help you find the perfect gift, set up a new home, and teach you about products from Europe and the stories behind them.

Top 4 Uses of Spongeware for Weddings

Posted by Ann Marie on 10/7/2014 to Events

Imagine several pieces of distinctly exquisite pieces of pottery displayed in a laidback garden wedding or used as lovely ornaments for a charming countryside wedding.

Spongeware, a particular type of art applied on pots, goes a long way back and presently continues to capture the eyes and hearts of many. The simple yet stylish beauty of such design makes weddings even more beautiful and memorable.

4 Reasons Why Tea Sets Make for a Great Gift

Posted by Ann Marie on 10/5/2014 to Inspirations

A lot of people drink tea and coffee on a regular basis at home. This is why coming up with a tea set that you yourself put together will make for a useful and meaningful gift.

Just imagine how actual tea leaves combined with carefully chosen teapots, cups and saucers, and even spoons and infusers packaged as one will make your loved one feel. Such sets are great presents for weddings, anniversaries, house blessings, and birthdays. They are also wonderful as tokens of appreciation and gratitude.

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