The Four Irish Castles Your Must Visit

Posted by Ann Marie on 11/29/2014
Ireland, home to around 1,000 castles, is a must-visit destination for those who love history, romance, and warm people. Some of the castles found in the emerald isles rival those found anywhere else. 

Travelling Europe on a Shoestring Budget

Posted by Ann Marie on 11/29/2014

Travelling Europe is not inexpensive. But, you can get by in Europe on budget by planning early, booking alternative lodging online, flying to Iceland or Ireland, using cash instead of ATMs, eating as the locals eat, and travelling in the mid or low season.

How to Taste Coffee: Your Guide to Coffee Cupping

Posted by Ann Marie's on 11/22/2014 to Inspirations
Cupping coffee is a wonderful hobby that can teach anyone how to fully appreciate and love coffee. Tasting and smelling coffee so that you can discern its flavors and scents are activities that the entire family can enjoy doing together. 

What is Fair Trade Coffee and Why is it Better?

Posted by Ann Marie's Coffee & Tea on 11/22/2014 to Inspirations
According to the principles of Fair Trade USA, fair trade standards "allow the many different producers of agricultural commodities to participate and compete in international markets in ways that are fair and equitable today and help them to progress and acquire greater business capacity over time."

Making the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Posted by Ann Marie's on 11/3/2014
Steeping the perfect cup of green tea need not be difficult. If you have finally decided that you have had your last cup of bitter green tea, keep reading to learn how to make the most pleasing, refreshing, and flavorful cup of green tea you have ever had.
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