Types of Teas and their Tastiness

Posted by Ann on 4/29/2014
While all true teas grow from the same main plant family, their tastes and characteristics vary based on the region and time of year in which they were grown.

The Fun of Serving High Tea

Posted by Ann on 4/28/2014
The English tradition of the "Afternoon Tea" was started by Anna the Duchess of Bedford, who was Queen Victoria’s Lady in Waiting.

Mother's Day - An American Tradition Gone Viral

Posted by Ann Marie on 4/26/2014 to Events
As we pass the Easter holiday and the wonderful times had by kids with their candies, chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts, our thoughts - at least here in the U.S. - tend to move toward Mother's Day, to celebrate those who bring those Easter egg-hunters into this world.

Goats and Berries

Posted by Anne Marie on 4/11/2014 to Recipes

I have always enjoyed the story about the origins of coffee. It is a facsinating tale, and one I can never get tired of when I hear it. Have you heard the Legend of Kaldi?

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Posted by Ann Marie on 4/7/2014
Free TradeFair Trade Organic Coffee is arguably among the best in terms of quality, taste and production.  In addition, the coffee is environmentally sound and the purchase of helps guarantee that a fair price will be given to the grower. 
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