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Clematis Small Mug

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Clematis Small Mug
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Nicholas Mosse Small Mugs are among the most popular of their kitchen pottery, no doubt due to their timeless shape and variety of uses! Use them to serve coffee to brighten up your morning or to share afternoon tea with loved ones.

Elegant, yet durable, these pottery pieces are ideal for adding beauty to your every day routine or for use in any special events you may host.

Clematis combines two purples and a good strong green for a lovely spring inspired pattern.


7cm h (2.7" h)

175ml v (0.37pt 6oz)

Care Instructions:

  • Nicholas Mosse Pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe. Only Nicholas Mosse Ovenware should be used in the oven. 
  • Avoid rough handling and sudden changes in temperature as this may cause the appearance of fine lines on the surface known as crazing. Crazing does NOT affect the life or the usefulness of the pottery.

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