Cultivate Your Friends’ Green Thumbs with These Gardening Gifts

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. Casual growers can put in a little work each day with beautiful results. Hardcore horticulturalists can create breathtaking landscapes. Either way, they would add a little beauty to the world and to their own lives and routines.

If you know someone with a green thumb, you may notice that they use an array of tools as they tend to their sprouts. You can help them grow their supply with some thoughtful gardening gifts. Anyone who needs pointers need not look any further than this article. We’ll show you some great ideas from our own top-notch collection.

Garden Seeds Bee Feed Mix

More and more people have come to recognize the value of bees. The part they play as natural pollinators is practically sacred, and more bees in your local ecosystem means more bountiful bursts of plant life. Certain flowers tend to attract them, including the 18 different species found within our packs of Garden Seeds Bee Feed Mix.

The pouch contains 150 seeds that will sprout into Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, New England Asters, Sweet White Alyssums, Purple Coneflowers, and many more. Even if your friend is not much of a bee fan, they may appreciate having such a variety of colorful blossoms in their pots.

Floral Arrangement Workshop Kit

Horticulturalists can have all the seeds in the world, but beginners may have trouble growing anything without the right tools. The Floral Arrangement Workshop Kit, a bundle from The Floral Society, can help. It contains multiple must-haves, along with instructions and online tutorials.

The kit’s high-quality floral clippers offer a user-friendly means of trimming excess and enabling growth. On that note, flower food provides additional nutrients and sustenance that encourage plants to get big and strong. Wire netting and waterproof tape can come in handy as well. These gardening gifts are a great way for aspiring growers to start on the right foot.

Floral Society Garden Gloves

For all our talk of developing green thumbs, many gardeners like to sport gloves when they tend the plants. It is not a matter of being chic, but of keeping one’s hands safe. You never know when a rose’s thorns may prick the skin, or when a hidden insect may react poorly to a probing pointer.

Floral Society Garden Gloves offer several advantages over other products. Their rubber palms offer a firm grip for wielding tools or pulling sprouts, while the nylon liner ensures enough flexibility to move your fingers freely. It is also highly durable, machine-washable, and waterproof. These gardening gifts should last many seasons.

Fern Canvas Apron

Aprons are commonly associated with the kitchen or the studio. Whether one is whipping up a meal or painting their next masterpiece, the extra cloth prevents stains on the front of their outfit. What you may not know is that this exact quality makes them useful for outdoor work, which can be quite dirty in its own right.

The Fern Canvas Apron, yet another creation of The Floral Society, is an excellent example that works well in all these situations. Hand-sewn, soft-washed, and dyed fern green to evoke nature, it would be a welcome present to any gardener tired of getting dirt on their clothes.

Black Metallic Bee Welly

When someone steps out to their garden after a rainy day, they will want to wear their wellies. They are known as galoshes or simply rubber boots in the United States, but over in England, they are called Wellington boots. This nearly knee-high footwear can protect one’s lower legs from puddle splashes and mud splotches.

Joules England, one of our partners across the pond, produces an adorable pair called the Black Metallic Bee Welly. These black boots are not just 100% rubber and 100% waterproof, but also 100% cute with their hand-drawn prints of bumblebees. Your gardening pals might find them sweet and snug enough to wear even on sunny days.

Dried Flowers Metal Hanging Rack

Gardeners do not always grow blossoms just for admiration or arrangements. Sometimes, they dehydrate them until they become dried flowers. They can then find a variety of uses for them, from making their own paper to spicing up recipes to providing a pleasant aroma.

Of course, you have to keep your dried flowers somewhere before you use them. Our Dried Flowers Metal Hanging Rack is perfect for that purpose. Just tie a string around the stems and loop them around the eight convenient hooks. It is also good for hanging car keys and the like, but just remember that the plate reads “Dried Flowers.”

Garden Birds Large Handle Tray

Gardening means working on the earth. Still, even as one is stooped to the ground, there is plenty of activity to observe above you. Certain kinds of birds are attracted to outdoor floral displays. Their colorful appearance, brilliant voices, and fascinating activity can brighten anyone’s garden (though some are considered pests!).

Emma Bridgewater, famed English potter, commemorates these avian companions in the Garden Birds Large Handle Tray. This tin container can be useful for toting all kinds of things, but it is the artwork that stands out most. It features detailed, labeled, and beautifully drawn depictions of various birds that are common to British greens.

In the Garden Tea-Break Hand Essentials Gift Set

Even the most ardent gardeners need a break from their sweat-inducing outdoor labors. As fulfilling as they may find the hobby, they sometimes want to kick back and relax. The In the Garden Tea-Break Hand Essentials Gift Set, from McArdie & Co., may be just what they need.

This collection comes with an exfoliating hand wash, hand cream, and a nail brush for self-care. After digging through dirt, it feels nice to wash up and spruce up one’s palms and fingers. These tools also fit in a dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, gorgeously painted mug. The cup is just the right size for a spot of tea, coffee, or whatever your preferred beverage may be.

Ann Marie’s Gardening Gifts

Here at Ann Marie’s, we love a good garden and have respect for all who maintain their own flower patches. We are proud to offer plenty of gardening gifts that are both useful and lovely. It is the least we can do for those who work so hard to bring natural beauty into the world.

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