1. Geometry Mango Tablecloth ,100% Cotton, Green Sweet Retired 61" x 61"

Geometry Mango Tablecloth ,100% Cotton, Green Sweet Retired 61" x 61"

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Geometry Mango Tablecloth, Green Sweet stain-resistant cotton, 4 hems 

The design is a reflection of contemporary geometry - neutral and luminous tones, splash of ripe oranges.

Made in France, this fine damask fabric is made with unique Green Sweet stain-resistant technology to protect the cotton from most stains and make your life happier. 100% two-ply twisted cotton is used for best quality and long life of the table linen.

Care Instructions: Cold wash before first use (95°F); Machine wash medium (40°C or 60°C / 95°F or 140°F); Low Heat Dry or Hang Dry; Iron on high settings


Garnier-Thiebaut is a French manufacturer of luxury damask table linen, bed and bath linens for your home and business. With roots dating back to 1833 in France, Garnier-Thiebaut has grown to become the designer and producer of the highest quality table, bed and bath linens for the finest hotels, restaurants and retail stores around the world. Garnier-Thiebaut has pioneered many of the textile industrys design and technology, inventions for the production of fine linens. Renowned for its luxurious damask designs, the company is best known for its table linens, bed linens, and other textile accessories for the hospitality industry and the home. Look for GS or Green Sweet label - Garnier Thiebaut's exclusive nano technology applied to linen making your luxurious cotton linens resistant to stains and keeping them soft and beautiful longer.


Please allow 8 - 12 business days for most Garnier Thiebaut orders. 

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