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Green Deer Gourmet Soup Plate 9.4''

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Green Deer Gourmet Soup Plate 9.4''
Part Number: 0324TSGO24

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 All Gourmet items have a smooth rimmed edge for a contemporary look. 

The traditional Gmundner deer is famous for its young and wild leap. It blends perfectly with many other Gmundner designs and colours. It is a perfect match between character and fine taste. You will find the deer in classic green, modern grey, ruby and wine.

Dimensions: 9.4"

Care Instructions:

Old tradition that has been adapted to modern life. Gmundner Keramik can be washed at the dishwasher without losing the intensity of the colours.

You can use Gmundner Keramik for microwaving. Just a little tip: You may use the microwave as a dish warmer, just place them for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

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