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Hunter's Delight, Jug 50.7 oz 1.5 Liter

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Hunter's Delight, Jug 50 oz
Part Number: 0435KRWF10

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A charming way to hold both beverages and flowers, this Pitcher is sure to be the centerpiece of your table.

For those who like the exquisite and the fine difference, nothing comes close to Hunter`s Delight.  Rumour has it that it’s Austria`s oldest and most traditional design,  and every piece takes up to one day to finish.

Dimensions: 50.7oz

Care Instructions:

Old tradition that has been adapted to modern life. Gmundner Keramik can be washed at the dishwasher without losing the intensity of the colours.

You can use Gmundner Keramik for microwaving. Just a little tip: You may use the microwave as a dish warmer, just place them for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

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