Our Store’s Most Popular Flower Vases

An affinity for flowers is such a human thing. Anywhere you go in the world, you will likely find many who can appreciate the aesthetics and scents of a newly opened blossom. Many are so fond of them, in fact, that they feel the need to pluck them from the ground and keep them in flower vases.

This tradition is all well and good, but who is to say that the flower should be the only beautiful thing in the room? Flower vases can be just as lovely. As proof, we will highlight several of the most popular artisanal flower vases at Ann Marie’s. After all, who could be greater experts on the best items in our store than our own customers?

Heritage Glass Cricklewood Tulip Vase (Heritage Irish Crystal)

Over the past 200-plus years, County Waterford’s artisans have cultivated a distinct Irish glassmaking style and upheld a proud industry that exports their creations around the world. Heritage Irish Crystal is among the most recent of these manufacturers, firing up its furnaces for the first time in 1990. Far from being novice efforts, their work is part of the area’s rich tradition, as well as some of its best examples.

The Heritage Glass Cricklewood Tulip Vase is just one particularly lovely example. Its ten-inch height is just right for propping up tulips (or any flowers you want) on tables and counters. Its concave design, made from mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal, is eye-catching. Plus, when the light hits it just right, it sparkles in rainbow colors.

You may also like: The Heritage Cricklewood 12” Tapered Vase lacks the interesting shape of its counterpart but makes up for it with two additional inches of height. It can hold even taller stalks and bouquets, and it provides the same lovely texture and design.

Brisa Ria Vase (Costa Nova)

Costa Nova is a beloved brand among enthusiasts of Portuguese crafts. Their tableware, glassware, and flatware are dazzling examples of how artisans can make something modern from traditional stonecutting practices. Each of their collections is distinct: Brisa, for example, takes inspiration from the eponymous breeze that flows in the Mediterranean Sea along the Algarve coast.

You can see a trace of that potent wind in the Brisa Ria Vase, also named for the Algarve’s Ria Formossa lagoon. Its soft blue hue flows along with the white-painted stone-like water along the sandy shore. These soft colors provide an elegant counterpart to any flowers placed inside. This flower vase is even dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe for good measure. That is just what good stone craftsmanship does.

Lawn Light Blue Small Taper Vase (Nicholas Mosse)

The Irish pottery tradition is arguably even richer than their glassmaking tradition. Among our favorites, and our customers’ favorites, is Nicholas Mosse. This Kilkenny artisan has a stellar reputation for his crafts, which he enhances with lovely artwork inspired by nature. For a representative example, look no further than the Lawn Light Blue Small Taper Vase.

The artwork is a tessellation of baby-blue flowers with darker rings at the center, with green speckles scattered throughout for good measure. Moreover, the structure has a roomy base for water or soil and a tapered top to keep the bunches together. It can look lovely on any table, whether in the dining room or the backyard garden.

You may also like: Nicholas Mosse’s collection of jugs and pitchers may not be part of our page for flower vases. Still, they can hold flowers just as well as they can pour water. They also feature a variety of painted designs featuring blossoms and animals.

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