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Polka Dot 4 Cup Teapot-1 available

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Polka Dot 4 Cup Teapot
Part Number: 1654

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Your traditional English style teapot covered in polka dots! A great way to serve tea to your guests.

All Emma Bridgewater pottery is made from cream-coloured earthenware ñ a traditional Staffordshire product which they make in their own factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of British pottery. Most of the production work is still done by hand, and all the pieces are individually hand-decorated, so every one is very slightly different ñ and their spongeware is always signed by the person who painted it.


19 cm/7.5î  H With Lid

1,200ml/40.5oz V

Care Instructions:

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Lower temperature wash and gentle detergent recommended to maintain appearance. Pottery is not oven safe unless marked as cookware.

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