Tea Time
Ah, a relaxing cuppa. Is there anything more sublime than an afternoon tea? You can sip the tea by itself or have an entire English Tea styled to-do, complete with sweets and treats that compliment the delights of a pleasant tea time. Biscuits, cakes, tiny sandwiches and more are all fair game. Have a bit of fun with it!

If you have what's called a "Cream Tea," you would include scrumptious scones, cream, jam and of course the tea. Christine Ferber jams are certainly an ideal compliment for this type of occasion, as these special jams are truly a unique delight prepared with the finest ingredients to top your favorite foods.

One of our favorite companies that has making the essential teapots and teacups down to a "T" is Burleigh of England. You simply cannot go wrong serving tea in their elegant earthenware collections that have been handcrafted by talented artisans that use age-old techniques. Raise a cup and a pinkie for the perfect experience of sipping from a delicate teacup.

Black tea, especially Earl Grey & English Breakfast teas, are the perfect base for an English style tea. Just add milk and sweetener of choice, if desired. Delight in the slow sipping of a perfectly brewed cup in the solitude of your kitchen, in a garden with flowers and nature, or with friends for a memorable social gathering. You will be glad you took the time for Tea Time! 



Date 9/4/2022

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