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White Lawn XL Jug

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White Lawn XL Jug
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The timeless design of the XL Jug is matched only by its wide range of uses. Each piece of Nicholas Mosse Irish country pottery is carefully hand-crafted to ensure a durable design with an elegant finish . This makes the pottery jugs perfect for any occasion, from serving beverages during an exclusive event to holding a flower bouquet to brighten your day!

10.2" High

This tall, important piece is designed to impress. Doubling up as a vase, it holds 3 in to 4 in stems and branches with graceful ease. It provides lemonade or punch to a multitude; empty of anything, this jug or pitcher enhances any space by be ing a standout, standalone decorative masterpiece. It would be a knockout, important gift for any wedding or important occasion

Nicholas Mosse Pottery was established by Nicholas Mosse in 1976 after periods of training in England and Japan. His mission was to produce beautiful, functional pottery in the style of Irish Spongeware. Irish spongeware was the traditional pottery of Ireland used in the 18th Century. It was mainly made in simple honest shapes with a decoration applied with a cut sponge. The decoration was rurally inspired often using images of animals and plants popular in the region. Nicholas Mosse Pottery now produce an extensive range of patterns and shapes all still made and decorated by hand. 

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